A please read & take note from The Scruffy Puppy

  • Communications: Please…… No calls or texts before or after 8am/8pm unless emergency. Of course, if we are scheduled to be at your house earlier or later you can text us, and you will as usual receive a picture text update.
  • Last min bookings or cancellations: We will do our best to accommodate everyone. Pet parents who keep me on a solid schedule get the best time frames available. All others are on a first come first served basis for what I am able to schedule in and accommodate.
  • Flexibility: I do not charge extra for cancellations or last min bookings. I ask for a 2 hour window to allow for that, as well as weather, traffic, and possible emergencies.
  • Scheduling/Payments: This goes through, Christina Ranaldi “The Scruffy Puppy” at the conclusion of each week of regular service. For example, if you need service Monday, Wednesday, Friday, it would be due Friday. If you need service once in a while, payment that day, via cash, check, or electronic payment is preferred. If in a pinch, last min request, you can mail out a check, or drop it in my mailbox assuming I get it within the next few days. Vacation care in my home or yours, I usually take payment up front.